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Establishment and hair care at 15 Fox Street, Wynnum, QLD 4178, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Manly Hair Studio: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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15 Fox Street
QLD 4178
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+61 7 3396 1944


Reviews of Manly Hair Studio

    sophia Powe Added January 10, 2023
    Always have an amazing experience at this beautiful salon! Hair is done amazingly and all the girls are so lovely. Perfect for balayage with it not turning out streaky at all (been getting it done for years and this is the best result I’ve had) + the view is amazing
    Tatiana Rose Added January 04, 2023
    Do not recommend. Siobhan was rude & cannot understand basic instructions. I asked for a trim to my shoulders. She cut 8inches without checking in as she went. I left with a bob that doesnt even touch my collar bone that I cannot tie up. I specifically told her I need to be able to tie it. Siobhan proceeded to argue with me when I told her it was too short and not what I asked for. She then complained about me to staff while I was still sitting in the salon. Horrible experience. If you value your hair do not go here.
    Georgie Rafferty Added December 30, 2022
    I had beaded extensions put in by the girls are Studio 8 and have been seing them for my colour for over a year. They are seriously the best in the business, they get my colour PERFECT every single time and i love the environment of the salon. All the stylists are so well educated and trained. I have been to someof Sydneys best salons, and none of them comapre to Studio 8! Jenner has done an incredible Job!
    anya zeljak Added December 27, 2022
    After a horrible experience at a different salon i had started going to studio 8 and my hair was absolutely saved afterwards. Bronte had explained to me the steps we needed to take in order to save my hair from the bleach damage, she was very attentive and caring. after a year and a half of going to studio 8 i will definitely not be going anywhere else. Bronte is beyond talented and has taken my hair from blonde to brunette to ginger to red and back to blonde again i couldn’t of landed with a better stylist ❤️

    the team at studio 8 are so kind and welcoming and are there for the best interest of you and your hair !
    Brianna Lavis Added December 26, 2022
    I have never been to a salon like Studio 8, and now that I have, I will never go anywhere else.

    Every single person who works there is so warm and welcoming and just amazing people. I have been having my hair done here for a number of years now.

    From fixing my terrible at home bleach job, to hair extensions and bring me back to my natural colour even visiting the dark side which is now where my hair will stay.

    These ladies give you what you want and you get to enjoy a luxurious salon space and gorgeous view of Manly Beach.

    Honestly if you live in Sydney and are not getting your hair done at Studio 8. It's your hair loss

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for Manly Hair Studio

The phone number for Manly Hair Studio is +61 7 3396 1944.

2. Where is Manly Hair Studio located?

Manly Hair Studio is located at 15 Fox Street Wynnum, QLD 4178.

3. Is there a primary contact for Manly Hair Studio

You can contact Manly Hair Studio by phone using number +61 7 3396 1944.

4. What is the web address (URL) for Manly Hair Studio

The website for Manly Hair Studio is


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